Concerned about Wyze backdoor hacking the devices changing settings

I am deeply concerned that Wyze engineers are backdoor hackung tgeir cameras remotely.

I set all if my cameras to record locally to my SD card, yet I keep finding my settings being changed, sometimes in real tume, they are making sure it goes up in a cloud, essentially holding my footage hostage.

For me this is a temporary solution to have eyes on the property. I feel that i have to side eye Microcenter and its engineers. Tgey are toying with peoples safety, splitimg and kidnapping footage. Im never paying for the cLoud services, in fact the cloud might be in the ac charinging adapter.

Anyone bold enough to take it apart and see what the engineers are really doing?

I do believe tgey are compiling images for biometric aggregation. Not cool Wyze not cool.

I know that I cant be the only one whos settings keep getting remotely changed

Tbis is an act of electronic terrorism by Wyze

No, you are not the only one having SD card problems. There’s a known issue (or more than one) with OG cams in particular struggling with the SD cards at the moment. But it is a local issue, Wyze isn’t doing anything remotely. It appears to be a Firmware or app bug. Wyze engineers have been asking people to submit logs for the issue, then post them in the latest fix-it-friday thread so they can pass on the logs to devs to try to get that resolved.

If you have any evidence for anything more than the known bugs they’re in the middle of trying to resolve, feel free to post the evidence. But I guarantee you don’t have to worry about the cloud being in the AC charging adapter (yes, I have taken an adapter apart). It doesn’t even support a data connection. Wyze wants to resolve the bug. If you submit a log it will help them find the issue and release an update/fix.

Submit a log for it in this thread:

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