Combine different models

New here so hello to one and all.
I am considering purchasing an indoor/ outdoor camera.
First, can you combine different camera models on the app?
Second, I will be using WIFI mainly. There is a good chance that the wi-fi signal will not reach the back of our house. Can I use the wired station for the back of the house and wi-fi everywhere else.
Hope it makes sense.

By combine do you mean camera groups? as far as the wifi, you have a couple choices add an extender or AP or upgrade to a mesh network and add a node to the area that you need better coverage. Mesh systems are far form inexpensive and extenders are cheep but also have downsides.

Hi thanks for the reply.
I may over time buy more wyze cameras but different models.
Can I use the app with different models.


Yes, the app is built to work with all Wyze products, so you wont need a different app every time you add something new.