Can I add Wyzecam to a summer house?

Is it possible to add cameras to a summer house? Would they be on the same Wyze app?

You certainly would so long as there is an active, accessible wifi network within range of the cameras. I have cameras in different households on different wifi networks all accessible on my wyze app.


And you can use the grouping feature to put them in separate groups, one group for the summer home and one for the main home.


I wouldnt just say a wifi network. Because the cameras are wifi but they are nothing without internet access. Wifi is commonly worded as if it is internet in and of itself.


That is an excellent addition to the thread. Thank you for adding that important fact.

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I’m currently running two cams in two different locations. They both work fine within the Wyze app. You’ll want to make sure you have a decent upload speed. One of our locations has a slower upload speed and you’ll get a bit of a lag when using the pan and tilt feature. No issues recording however.