Color Light Bulbs and Cookies

Ok… I’m resorting to bribery… I will offer 1 dozen, homemade chocolate chip cookies made by my wife to the first Wyze Employee that can switch my account over to the new Rules Engine so I can change my color bulbs any color I want according to motion or contact sensors. I’ve had the bulbs since preorder, and I don’t use Alexa (I know I probably should give in and try it).

But for now…

The Wyze Employee who moves me to new Rules Engine = Me sending you 1 dozen, homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies.

I don’t care if it’s buggy or you are having issues. I’m an I.T. guy, it’s part of the territory and welcome the opportunity to help test it and make it better.

This is not a joke. Cookies for Rules Engine… Simple.


I don’t think Cookies are necessary, but if you are that anxious, you should PM qsun or talk to their team since they are in charge of that.


The cookies might put a little more haste on it lol


Cookies can change the world.

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I think using the word “anxious” is a mischaracterization to my state of being… I think the feeling is more related to frustration due to the fact I’ve had them for a couple months and can’t fully integrate them into my Wyze ecosystem. I love the ecosystem and simply want to enjoy it.

And since this Rules Engine exists, my frustration has lead me to bribery to strangers over the internet in order to get it. Old School Capitalist rules.

I understand how companies have to roll things out and it seems Wyze is experiencing some growing pains. I have no problem with either of those things. It’s the nature of progress.

And while frustration exists, I’m trying to turn a negative into a positive by putting something positive into the world (cookies) that hopefully outweigh the negative (bribery/frustration).

Grease the wheels, as the kids say these days (I think they say that)…

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