Color cycling with Wyze color bulb

Is that “Leap” effect with “Auto Color”?

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It was Leap :+1:
But my custom colors to music


Yep, I do that with my Wyze Bulb Color bulbs grouped with a Light Strip Pro. Would be nice for grouped bulbs to not have to rely on the light strip controller, but that’s what this wishlist topic is all about. :+1:


The wife and I have said for a couple years that the neighbors must think we Rave a lot… Simply because of the lights dimming, brightening… changing colors depending on whatever whim of idea my “Raiders of the Lost Ark” Rule system I have setup.

The light strips made that worse for sure.


Kind of crazy its going on 2 years it still doesnt exist. The functionality is already there… turn on light one color for x duration, turn off and then turn on another color for x duration then turn off and repeat. Now translate that to a few lines of code, add it to actions in the rules on the front end, and its done! That simple…

Edit: played around with some stuff, but the simplest solution I found was running an emulator in android studio with play store enabled. downloaded wyze and an autoclicker, opened the light to the color wheel, set up my desired light pattern and now I have a red/green blinking light.

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Such a cool thing that you could do with the Wyze Bulb Color and yet the requests seem to fall on deaf ears. Other RGB bulbs already have this, why not Wyze?

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Yes! Please add color cycling! It seems like it should be a no-brainer enhancement. Choose colors and cycle time. Of course it’ll need to have some limitation to the minimum length so that flashing light sensitive people aren’t triggered.

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Yes, we need this feature!

Such a basic thing, Bought some had to move them elsewhere and change these out to hue bulbs as they have color cycling options. Won’t buy more as they are now.

It’s been almost 4 years now, please add color cycling to the wyze color bulbs WITHOUT having to pair to a light strip! Or at least let them work with other color cycling ecosystems

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@jjmccoy45 - Not quite 4 years yet… just 2. But your point is still valid.

Disappointing to not have basic color cycling options.


In 2023, I bet it’d be very difficult to find a new car model being sold that doesn’t have such a basic feature like power door locks. It’s standard now. Nobody would buy a car that doesn’t have power door locks.

Color changing is easily just as a standard feature for smart bulbs, yet Wyze doesn’t have it. And they don’t listen to their customers who are requesting it. What a joke.

No more Wyze bulbs for me until they provide basic features that everybody else does.


I just received 4 of them and will be retuning, I never thought they would NOT have such a basic feature

Still waiting? Lol

…and waiting and waiting and waiting…

I want one of the new security light cams but have a hard time justifying spending more money with wyze anymore if they can’t at least address this feature request.

Has anyone asked if the Wyze color bulb can cycle through colors? I don’t see it as an option. Will this update be made soon? @wyze #management

Several have asked. None have been answered. Currently, the only way to get them to do that is to pair them with a Wyze light strip.

While Wyze has probably seen this discussion, there’s been no response and no indication that they intend to right the wrong.

I’ve definitely given up on this feature for this one… It will be in the Color Pro Max V2 Ultra Extreme Bulb no doubt.

Wyze, please. You have thousands of people lining up at your door ready to buy thousands more of your smart bulbs if you were to just add color cycling. I’m keeping mine for now because of their use as a sunrise alarm, but reluctantly. I can only imagine how many potential customers have turned away from these because they lack a very basic feature.