Color Bulb Bricking? - Solid Red, Not Online and Will Not Reset

Hey there everyone! I was an early backer for the Qyze color bulb and am a big fan.

Over the weekend I added the new firmware upgrades to both bulbs and now the lights are basically bricked. They are on solid red and I cannot do anything to enable the factory reset. I’ve done the reset before with no problems as I have been trying to use them on a timer switch for outdoor light fixtures nd have had mixed results. I’m using an indoor floor lamp to reset. Same one I’ve used before with no issues.

But now I can’t even get the bulbs to get into the mode to flash so I can reset them. Any guidance? I already submitted a ticket.

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Same here. Solid red when paired in a group. I deleted the group and tried to factory reset and still solid red in multiple sockets. My basement is now a submarine from an 80s movie.