Climate Sensor not totally useless and could be gold if only

So got my climate sensors today and was pleasantly surprised to see that they can indeed act as a trigger for events what I was disappointed in was to see only within the Wyze ecosystem. So it can trigger my cameras… my ligfhts… my other sensors… oh I can tell my robot to start cleaning. Get to work slave, yeah I know its hot thats the point!!

What would turn this frown upside down is opening them up to IFTTT. I mean Wyze is already implemented it can’t be that hard and it would open them up to so many possibilities.

Please please add them to your IFTTT list of availabel triggers.

Sincerely the WyzeNoid still waiting for his 3 in 1 Sensor.


I’m disappointed that you are not able to set a specific temperature due to a temperature or humidity event. You can only turn on Cold/Heat or set Home/Sleep/Away. More finite control please.

Also, the app displays a temp/humidity in the list view that is different than when you actually click the sensor to see the present temp/humidity. Even if you try to “pull down” to refresh the view. It still shows old data.

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