Climate Sensor not linking to Google Home

I have forgotten how to link my Climate Sensor to G Home, will someone please remind me?
I already have linked up my motion sensor and leak sensors via the monitor hub to the Google Home app, now I wish to connect my Climate Sensors to the Home app. I have tried Home>Add Device>Set up Device>New Device and …Works with Google, but my options are Unlink Wyze and Use Google Nest but I do not have a Nest. G Home reports that I have 15 Wyze devices so the new climate sensors should make that 18 devices. There must be a way to update the device list that Home sees, but I cannot figure it out.

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I’m having the same problem. I have 3 Wyze Climate Sensors v2 and the Google Nest Hub 2nd gen.

I can’t get the Google Home app to find any of the Wyze Climate Sensors.

It would be really nice if they implemented that feature so I can see my rooms climate from the Good Nest Hub.