Climate Sensor not linking to Google Home

I have forgotten how to link my Climate Sensor to G Home, will someone please remind me?
I already have linked up my motion sensor and leak sensors via the monitor hub to the Google Home app, now I wish to connect my Climate Sensors to the Home app. I have tried Home>Add Device>Set up Device>New Device and …Works with Google, but my options are Unlink Wyze and Use Google Nest but I do not have a Nest. G Home reports that I have 15 Wyze devices so the new climate sensors should make that 18 devices. There must be a way to update the device list that Home sees, but I cannot figure it out.

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I’m having the same problem. I have 3 Wyze Climate Sensors v2 and the Google Nest Hub 2nd gen.

I can’t get the Google Home app to find any of the Wyze Climate Sensors.

It would be really nice if they implemented that feature so I can see my rooms climate from the Good Nest Hub.

I don’t know if this is the issue, however, I’ve been told several times that Android/Google Home does not have commands for temperature so it may just not speak the language. I have a Honeywell wifi thermostat on my home heatpump and it can provide temperature and google will talk to their app and get it but I’m under the impression that’s not native that google can’t do it by himself. Alexa supposedly doesn’t have that issue. I don’t ask google to get the wyze temp probe maybe wyze needs a work around like the honeywell thermostat has apparently done to let it get it from the wyze app.

Google Home does have the ability to monitor and adjust the temp on the Thermostat. It is a device that can be added to Google Home or Alexa.

However, the Wyze Climate Sensor and the Wyze Leak Sensors are not compatible with Google Home or Alexa. You will not be able to add them as devices.