Setting up Google nest hub to control wyze thermostat

I got Google nest hub a while back as a promotion with wyze cam. It has been a while since I got it. I also got wyze thermostat that I installed on 2nd fl. I placed my Google hub in the 1st floor kitchen.

I understand how easy to adjust thermostat using wyze app as well as using Google assistant in my phone.

But when I don’t carry my cellphone, I was expecting to be able to adjust my thermostat using Google Nest hub. Does anyone know how to set Google nest hub yo communicate with wyze thermostat? How to make them work?

I have added Google Wyze on my Google home - on my cellphone. But I have no way to add that to my Google nest hub. Please help!!!

Google Home is a little trying IMHO.

But I think all you need to do is add the Wyze Thermostat to a “room” in the Google Home app on your cell phone or whatever device you have Google Home setup on, then you will be able to control the Tstat on the Google Nest, found under Home Control>Climate.

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You are correct in bot the trying statement and having to add it to Google home first and a room.

Thank you. I can add the wyze to a location - My home, but I can’t add to a room. Am I doing it correctly?

I open my Google home, I have my wyze devices link on my Google home, however, I have them listed under my home - location the same level with my nest hub. When I click my wyze thermostat, I h have add to a room button. When I added I already set up to my home location, no room being added.

If I did 8t incorrectly, can you provide me step by step to add the thermostat to a room? How to create a room in my Google home?

I apologize for being so novice about this. I uploaded the screen shot below. Don’t worry my thermostat is off due to someone is working on the AC at the moment, but I wanted to show that ‘Add to a room’ button at the bottom of the screen.

No Worries.

I am somewhat of a novice myself with the Google Nest Devices. I actually got it only to learn and help :wink:

From that Screen you should be able to go the Settings gear on the top right.

Select “Room”
I think there are a few default ones you can select or add a custom one at the bottom of the page.

I selected ALL OVER to add to mine

Yes, I was able to add a room through the cog wheel set up icon. However when I go back to my Google nest hub, I don’t see the thermostat under Home Control. I sawthermostat icont on Google home on my cellphone.

Have you associated the Nest device to your Google Home?

I believe you may need to add your Nest Device to a Room as well.

yes, the nest device is on google home, see screen shot below

Is the “home” set on the devices?

Here is what I see

I am actually setting this up myself as we talk through this so sorry for my lack of knowledge. We are learning together :grin:

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R.Good. I finally got it. I just realized the Google account I used on my cellphone is not the same as the Google account on the nest hub. After picking the right profile, it works. Thank YOU for your help and patience. Case solved :slight_smile:


That would do it :grin:

Glad you got it!

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