Google vs Wyze thermostat

I’m purchasing a new construction home that comes with a Google Nest Thermostat. I have everything Wyze, i.e., lights, sensors, door lock, doorbell, cams, etc.

How does the Wyze thermostat compare to the Google? Would the Google thermostat integrate with the Wyze devices?

I own the Nest (Google) learning thermostat. Bought it a year before Wyze announced their thermostat. The Nest works so well and I paid a lot for it, so I didn’t have a valid reason to buy the Wyze thermostat.

Now that both my wife and I are retired, we don’t need or use the learning portion of the thermostat. If this Nest fails, I will definitely buy the Wyze thermostat.

As for integrating the Nest thermostat into the Wyze system, I have not seen a way to do this.

I had a Nest Thermostat and removed it for a Wyze thermostat, I will not lie there are some advantages in a Nest, they have also been around longer. I took the nest down because at the time it stopped working with SmartThings and my home consists of SmartThings and Wyze, so since the Nest didn’t work with either I purchased a Wyze, it has worked fine for me. The Nest will not incorporate into Wyze.

I too switched from nest to Wyze, they both work great, I just preferred Wyze so I have everything in one app.

I bought a wyze thermostat for a friend and when we went to install it, it didn’t support the wiring in place. I had to return and get the cheapest Nest. Nest did support the wiring so seems like Nest support more wiring arrangements than wyze out of the box. The wyze unit did look nice and the app was very good at walking you through the installation process. Nest is also good so even on this, just worth mentioning the set up is very well illustrated.