Wyze Thermostat paired with Google assistant for voice control

I’d like my Wyze thermostat to be voice controlled by my Google Assistant.

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The Wyze thermostat is already compatible with Google Home. Here’s some instructions to link your Wyze account with Google Home:

My Wyze thermostat is working with Google Home but Google Assistant does not allow me to give the thermostat voice commands.
Is there a workaround for that?

You may have to clarify your question. Both Google Home & Google Assistant can change the settings on your Thermostat. Even with voice… e.g. “ok google, set thermostat to 72 degrees”.

I tell mine what to do all the time. I can even ask it what it’s currently set to.

It has started working again. I have no idea why it stopped and then restarted. Grrr!