Google home stopped working with my wyze thermostat

Google home (via my google home smart speakers) stopped being able to connect with my wyze thermostat a few days ago, giving messages like “Sorry, I can’t connect to wyze home”. I also have a number of amazon echo smart speakers and they fortunately continue to work fine with the thermostat. I have tried things like rebooting my router and nothing has helped. I just tried to unlink and relink wyze home on my android phone in the google home app - no problem with unlinking. But in the relinking process after it sends me to the wyze account sign in, which all goes fine, and then it says “linking to wyze home account” and then says “no campatible devices were found in your W…” So it won’t successfully even add wyze home as a linked service now.

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I recently had all my Wyze devices quit working in Google Home as well and had to relink my Wyze account.

One thing it did was to repopulate every device in the GH App as “new” devices that weren’t yet assigned to my “Home” or organized into any rooms. I had to delete all the “old” devices in GH that were no longer linked, setup each “new” device and assign each back to its appropriate group. Not fun, but it got it back to working.

Thanks for responding. Today, with no changes on my part today, it started working again including that GH now shows wyze home linked and the thermostat device is there as well, unlike the last few days.

I have since learned that AWS (Amazon Web Services) has been doing server maintenance recently. Wyze’s servers are on AWS servers. It affected integrations and automations.

Mine still isn’t working and I’ve tried all of the above. It’s been down since the 3rd. Surely the AWS update is finished?

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Both my Amazon and Google Home had to be relinked within those apps. Once that happened, all my devices came back online and integrations resumed.

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Interesting, as I mentioned above, my amazon echos worked fine with my wyze thermostat througout this peridod. I have found that it is is definitely adventageous to have both the GH and Amazon smart speakers around the house since it is unfortunately not all that uncommon for one of them to stop working for a while. And in general, for me anyway, the echos are a bit more reliable.

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Agree with you there. I am 98% Alexa with voice commands because the Routines automation integration has oodles more Wyze triggers and actions. But, since I am on Android, the Google Home Quick Device Controls Panel is essential for fast push button access to devices. I also like to use Google Home for automations when I want to add that Routine as an icon on my home page since Alexa hasn’t figured out how to do that.