Clarification on what happens to smart bulb during wifi loss

If my bulb was off when it lost wifi will it remain off? Same goes if my bulb was on when it lost wifi will it remain on? That’s how I would like it to work and that’s how my geeni and energizer bulbs work. I’m not talking about power loss. Thank You, Mike

Yes. A loss in network WiFi connectivity will not change the On\Off state of the bulb. It just makes it inaccessible to the app. When the WiFi comes back online, the bulb should log back into the WiFi without changing the then current on\off state.

5\3\23 Update: The bulb may return to an ON state after a power loss. There is a setting within Bulb Groups or Individual Bulbs called Power Loss Recovery. There, the bulb can be set to either ON or Last State to set how the bulb reacts after a power loss is over.