Wyze Bulb action when losing WiFi

Please change the Wyze Bulb to NOT default to ON status if it loses WiFi. If my WiFi went out in the middle of the night would I really want all my bulbs to turn on and wake me up? Change it so that the bulb remains in its current state until the physical switch is altered. (ie if the bulb is off but the switch is on and wifi dropped you would have to turn the switch off and back on for the bulb to turn on)

This is not expected behavior. Try a factory reset:


This is the described action straight from the FAQ

Good catch. Even my Hue bulbs let me decide what to do.

But this sounds like it needs to be a #wishlist topic, not an “ask the community” topic. I don’t think there’s much the user community can do to effect this, so it will not get much traction here.


I submitted as a #wishlist request originally. @Loki can you modify the topic back please?

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I think we need more clarification and we may need to edit that FAQ… in my testing, if wifi fails (eg router is disabled), the bulb remains off if

  1. it was off when the wifi failed, and
  2. the power remains on.

If you then remove power (eg turn off the wall switch) and restore power (eg turn on the wall switch), the bulb will come on. This is the fallback mode that allows manual operation in the event of wifi failure. But it doesn’t take effect until the power is cycled.

That said, if the power is cycled (even when the wifi remains available), the bulb will be on when the power is restored. It will remain on until it is again turned off in the app or by an scheduled event.

Does your testing contradict this?

EDIT: Sorry, I forgot that the bulbs didn’t ship when expected, so I assume that your query was based on the FAQ, not on actual usage. Is that right? If so, let me know when you receive yours if your testing agrees with mine.


I don’t have the bulbs yet, I missed the prerelease and am waiting for the wide release. Was just concerned based on the FAQ.

Also waiting patiently for them to be available for purchase :slight_smile: