Christmas lights

My cameras are CONSTANTLY recording the flickering Christmas lights I have on my front yard. Like every. Single. Time!! How do I stop the cameras from recording this for like 5 mins at a time all night?? If I turn off motion then it won’t detect some animals coming by the front porch…wait. Will it?? I have the ‘person’ motion on but will the cameras detect anything else if the motion option is off?

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If you have Cam Plus, you can set Smart Detection only in Event recording. The camera will not record all motion but only the Smart Events you select Such as person or package.

You may still have to tweak with Detection Zone… Like my neighbor has a blow up Mickey Santa that I have to remove from my detection zone as it kept getting tagged as a person.

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I set my detection zone to exclude the lights, but not sure if it would be doable in your camera’s view.

I have this issue too. My suggestion is just to turn on the smart notifications and nothing else.

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I have the Camera Plus. If I set smart events, such as person or pet, I worry it won’t detect much more like say I’ve had raccoons and javelinas come to my front porch and I happen to find that just by browsing recorded events. Maybe I am just stuck with the recordings all night,

I run a music synchronized Christmas light show at my house. I also have 10 Wyze cameras that see some portion of the yard. They go nuts with the lights.
I don’t have notifications turned on for anything out there.