Christmas Footage

So… hypothetical question… let’s say you’re Santa… and the kids these days are smart with their fancy technology and Wyze cameras. You can imagine that, being Santa, you’d probably want to be able to disable said Wyze cameras… or, even better, maybe override the event recording so it just records “static” while you’re doing your Santa business.

Again, hypothetical question, but how would Santa respect the parent’s desire for a secure and safe home while still keeping the mystery for the kiddos?

Any ideas? Thoughts? :slight_smile:

If that’s too abstract, I’ll just spell it out. :smiley: I’m trying to think of something silly to show the kids on Christmas morning. Like, “Omg, look, Santa turned off the cameras for one minute! He’s so magical!”

Would be cool if the Wyze app had a “Santa Mode” filter. XD

Instead, why not dress up in a Santa suit and “appear” next to the Christmas tree, eat some cookies, drink some milk, and put down some presents. Record it on your phone. Edit it as you see fit using a PC and some software.

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Santa has to get gifts to billions good girls and boys all around the world. He moves way too fast for a camera to pick him up.


Without needing to dress up like Santa and show it directly, maybe you could hold a flashlight off camera and move the light around like he’s rummaging or something.

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Yea, that’s my backup plan. Got a Santa suit handy? :smiley:

haha true true true. I’m sure I could fake them out… those bugs that trigger motion? That’s no bug! That’s Santa moving at the speed of light!

If you’ve got any of those Christmas laser motion lights that project lights onto your house, you could stick that in the living room and turn it on for a few seconds. It would look like some kind of magical happening probably. :slight_smile:

Like this: