Bitrate is too low

Is there any way to increase bitrate? I just put my christmas lights up and the cameras are going crazy, they can’t keep up at all lol.


Not really. I do recommend turning off Motion tagging (the green box).
I run a music synchronized Christmas light show and most digital cameras will go nuts trying to get video of the show. There are a few things that will help (defeat auto iris and auto focus), but neither of those options is available on the Wyze cameras.


Sadly motion tagging have no effects. I guess I won’t have wyze cam during the night for the christmas season :frowning:

I knew that turning off Motion tagging would not improve the video - other than getting rid of that damn green box. Very few cheap cameras can handle a Christmas light show. Here’s mine (a few years ago - and NOT shot on Wyze cameras).


That’s awesome! :christmas_tree:

That’s awesome! I love it! I am building a show but I went a different path (wled on a pi) I hope I manage to get something amazing going as well :wink: