Disable motion tagging & how to speed up data transmission?

I am using a Wyze Cam V2 as a live view camera - its being used on a rear of a fleet vehicle using the RTSP firmware connected through TinyCam Pro. I do not use internet - do not have it on the vehicles. The setup works - but barely. Video bandwidth is heinous - I get bursts of data and then black screens. I believe there are several processor hogging things going on was wondering if I could disable them ?

1> Can I completely disable motion tagging (i.e. those annoying green boxes) I don’t want to see them - EVER the drivers hate them. I have not been able to find a way to get rid of them.

2> Is motion tagging only needed for recording to SD ? If so if I remove the SD card will I disable the green boxes ? We really want recording but WITHOUT the damn green boxes constantly darting across the screen.

3> Does recording to SD take up processor bandwidth ? If so - will it speed up the way the camera transmits data if its not busy trying to record to the SD card ?

4> Is there a native black and white mode ? Less color data = less data to transmit and faster throughput.

5> If the device is connected to the internet and I am using RTSP to live feed - is it “double taxing” the available bandwidth. Seems so - because performance is WORSE when there is internet . If that is true - i.e. device is simultaneously trying to stream video to both the internet and RTSP - then how do I disable that / prevent it from happening.

6> It appears as if the camera is always trying to “phone home” which tells me its trying to find the internet even though there is not a connection to it. That tells me that process is also eating up valuable bandwidth. Is there a way to disable the device from seeking out an internet connection so i can simply use it as a offline device ?

I have a very fast on board wifi router - we are getting 20MBS + throughput from our other cameras - we get very little throughput from the WyZE cam. I realize this is a cheap camera - but are there any ways to reduce overhead and speed it up ?

Finally - if no to these questions - anyone have a compact, WiFi connected, USB powered solution for this ? Seems simple, but like anything else engineers over-think it and don’t provide the most simple of things and it completely alienates business users.


1/2. Click the more menu and disable motion tagging, easy as that.

  1. How do you connect? Is there a hotspot in use? How far is the camera from everything from eachother? Sd recording does take some processing power, but I’ve never seen it be a bug issue.

  2. You can try turning night vision to on and try that.

  3. Nope, these are pretty much internet dependant cameras.

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Thanks - I disabled it - seemed to help - what a stupid thing to have that enabled by default.

I use a dedicated in-vehicle Wifi, it has a solid 20+ MBS throughput. I can use an HDMI transmitter and its fine so its not my WiFi. Camera is 3 feet from WiFi antenna.

Night vision is off, I am shooting through a rear window so that was a no-brainer. Made no difference in speed.

The RTSP firmware removes that dependence - but I think the camera is still trying to send data when it does connect to the internet - sure wish there was a way to just shut that off. I might try to delete it from the Wyze app - that may indeed help.

Not overly impressed with these cameras - I’d gladly pay a lot more for a small 12v or WifI RTSP camera - just can’t find one. All those Arlos and whatnot are better - but WAY too big and ugly to be of any use in a vehicle.

I doubt deleting it from the app then trying to use it will do anything, as the camera has to “register” or contact the servers on initial startup and if the device has been deleted, it wont work. Like i mentioned earlier, these cameras are pretty internet dependent. There isn’t to much to the cameras, that’s because a lot of the processing and back end is on the other end of the internet that it has to talk to, I do understand that RTSP is local, but a lot of the functionality of the camera itself isn’t.

Any @Mavens that are more invested in RTSP have any input on this use case? Thanks in advance!