Charging a new Wyze Watch

I just received my Wyze Watch, and it’s been charging for over 3 hours, is that normal. I don’t see any indication on the watch that it’s charging correctly. Thanks in advance,

You have to make sure you put the connector on the watch in the correct direction. On mine, the wire for the charger goes out the side where the button is. If connected correctly, you should see the current charge % and what looks like water (Blue wavy pattern) on the face which symbolizes the charge %.

If you don’t see that, it may not be charging


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The charger should connect to the watch with the magnets. If you don’t see any charging indicator, make sure that the charger is connected properly and that the charging cable has power. You can also try holding down the side button to turn the watch on.


Thanks for responding. Once I pressed the side button, I could see that it was charged, but needed to do an update. It’s working fine now…thanks again. BTW, we have the Wyze vacuum, the light switches and a video cam for our dog.

Glad it worked out for you. I have most of the Wyze Product line except for a couple of items like the Pan Cam and Thermostat. These forums have helped me out a lot when trying to figure something out. The Light Switch isn’t out yet unless it is being tested by individuals. However, I will be ordering a couple when they finally do come out.

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