changing user name here?

Can we change our user name for the forum? I noticed some of us show our full name and some even email addresses. Since the forum is open publicly, I would prefer to not have it visible to all the web that my name has these cameras. It seems to be a security issue at least for me. I’m less likely to post much knowing it will appear later in Google searches with my name. I didn’t realize the ID was for the forums or that I would even use them. I just ordered a camera I had heard about from someone else. Then I realized how awesome the cameras are, ordered more and now I wish I had chosen a different user ID name because I want to use the forums!



Make sure you’re logged into the forum. Then click the My Profile button in green, top right. When the profile comes up, click the Edit link on the left.

Thank you!

Where is this edit button. I don’t see one. Thanks

@rhanlon1 Tap on your profile avatar top right > tap on your username > preferences . Then you can edit account, profile etc.

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Thanks for the response. I followed your instructions but when on the preferences page where it indicated user name, there’s no edit that I can see. The only editable item I find is to add a profile picture. Again, thanks for any help that can be given.

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If you tap on the pencil you can edit your username. See example of my profile and username.

Thanks for your continued help. I do not have an edit pencil for my user name. Here’s mine.

Screen Shot 2020-05-05 at 10.47.29 PM

That is really strange. Are you going through the Wyze app or the browser to access the forum?


I think you can change it one time only. I have already change it and I don’t have the edit button anymore. I wanted to change it again to « gyzmo iOS » but I can’t.

Thanks gyzmo. That’s interesting. I don’t believe I ever changed mine or even selected it. It’s a mystery.

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I am also unable to change my username…odd.

FWIW - I have an Edit icon next to my username (and have never changed it.

I have the same issue - no edit icon by my username and I’ve never changed it - really frustrating. Seems like a pretty basic capability…shocked this was first asked about 4 years ago. Any hope of this getting addressed by Wyze?