[Hi-Priority] Privacy issues on forums in regards to default Usernames

Hi Wyze Team,

I think this should be a hi-pri fix for your forums on privacy issues with the usernames. Today is my first time checking out and making a post on the forums and I noticed that my email is listed as my username by default. It seems your programmers set emails as the username by default. I would not want my personal email displayed out for everyone to see. I’m pretty sure this is a huge privacy concern. Also the path to set a new default username is not user intuitive. After you type in a new nickname and save, you have to go back and select from a dropdown menu. It should just be type in a new username and update.

The path for new forum users should be as follows:

  • Set a default username before beginning usage on the forums
  • and/or have a default User# for name until a nickname is set
I think having people's emails displayed as default username is a huge privacy concern.




I still see this frequently with new users posting on the forum so I don’t think it has been addressed. I agree it’s a pretty serious privacy concern.

Any update Wyze?