Email screen names, Wyze teem !

Wyze teem , you need to do something about this NOW

People are signing up on this forum , not knowing that their email address is their screen name , unless they change it their email addresses are showing up for the world to see .


Anyone seeing this check Your screen name to see What it is

I am passing this along (again) to the “powers that be”.

Wyze doesn’t care. I still have an open “ticket” from 3/15/2018 regarding my initial registration of my first WyzeCam that created an unchangeable username with my email address. So you a screwed if you are a good little customer who registers their product without first creating an account here.

Yes, I bought my original WyzeCam through Amazon so I had not created an account to order. But even so, Wyze’s method of creating an account is not so wise.

Edit/Add: Yes I created this new account as soon as I ran into the username problem.

I checked out my profile and everything ,before I ever posted anything, and changed my screen name, So I was not Exposed to this ,but this not cool, AT ALL ?

No I’m not a robot,Just an average guy ,See what I see

Again ?,gezz,this could be a lawsuit, I would not like to see that happen !!!

I’m looking out for customers and the wyze team

The chief of the forum has let me know that there is a fix for this in development, currently being tested. It is expected to be rolled out soon.

Don’t mean to hijack the thread, but … sure wish the forum chiefdom would investigate why, after behaving properly for a couple of months, I no longer receive forum email notifications for threads that I’m subscribed to. It’s been happening for several weeks and has been reported. They’re not being flagged as spam by my ISP’s email server, etc., but simply not being sent. Oh well …

I’ve been told that a fix for this has been implemented for new users. A script to fix existing users is in testing and should be run soon.