Unable to edit Forum profile

Brand new guy here. I’m attempting to edit my forum profile, but I get this error message:

ERROR: Please enter the same password in both password fields.

The problem is that there are NO password fields, so it’s a little tough to enter my password! Let alone twice.


Jim, Are you able to try in a different web browser?

I had not tried it in a different browser as I did not really expect this to be a browser related issue. However, I tried FireFox (my normal browser), Chrome, and Internet Explorer on two different computer with interesting results.

First computer is this old Dell desktop running Windows XP.
FireFox ESR version 52.7.3 - unable to update profile.
Chrome version 49.0.2623.112 m - It worked!
I.E. 8 - Unable to load the website at all.

Next is a fairly modern Dell desktop running Windows 7 Pro.
FireFox Quantum version 57.0.4 - unable to update profile.
Chrome version 63.0.3239.132 - It worked!
I.E. 11 - Unable to load the website.

So it looks like the website and forum in particular is somewhat biased in favor of Chrome. I guess that beats having the website require I.E. (as many do - although thankfully far fewer than it used to be).


In my personal, similar, experience, the problem with editing your profile is related to IF you created a Wyze account BEFORE you registered your camera(s).

I asked for Wyze’s help: WyzeCam Support Ticket #31917 opened on 3/12/2018, they told me twice that they would get back to me, never got back to me with a fix.

So I created a new account (this one) and had full editing capabilities. I find it disappointing that Wyze has still not fixed this very basic problem and provided a way to “merge” my original account with this one. So I now have two accounts with Wyze.

All things considered, I am impressed with Wyze for the quality of product and application that they offer for an extremely low price. The biggest expense for products like this is not the CAM itself but the creation/maintenance/update of the software and customer support. For what we are paying we are getting exemplary service that is actually without peer in the Security CAM business (I have CAMs by Ring, YI, and a couple lesser knowns).

DadCooks, I don’t think that relates to what I was seeing. I created my account before ordering any cameras - let alone registering them (they are expected next week).