Allow feature to change 'Profile Name' of my Wyze Account

Allow feature to change ‘Profile Name’ of my Wyze Account

I tried to change my ‘Profile Name’ using the Wyze website (after logging in and MFA authentication). No facility in the website that allows you to change your ‘Profile Name’.

MOD NOTE: For clarification, this refers to the Profile Name at (not the forum username)

it’s ridiculous that the profile name can’t be changed

Ability to change our name in wyze account

Recently, i change my name and i can’t change it in my wyze account.

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@icanchangethis and @karine , have either of you tried contacting Support to see if they can make the change?

Yes, i chat with support and tell my it’s impossible for now from my side view and their side too. They propose me to put it on the wishlist.

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Okey. Thanks for the update. I have merged your request with an existing wishlist topic requesting that. Give it a vote to help it along! :slight_smile:

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wyze customer support also told me it’s not possible currently to change the profile name and directed me here to vote for the feature. thank you for merging.

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doesn’t make any sense that they can’t make this change on the admin side of their tooling.

I’d like this feature to be added. It currently lists someone’s address where I shipped an order, and it makes more sense to list my name. Thank you Wyze support, hopefully it’ll get transferred from your backlog!

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Have you reached out to support to see if they can change it for you?

Yes I did, and they asked me to post here because that is not an available feature at the time.

Same here, updated my last name due to marriage and support says there is no way for them to update it. Ridiculous!