Unable to change nickname on Wyze app

I am unable to change the nickname for my account from the Wyze app running on an Android phone. I can click on the the Nickname option in the Account panel, change the nickname to the desired one, but then when I press “Done” nothing happens. I can only press on “Cancel” to go to the previous menu.


I am running the current production app v2.40.0.190 on Android.

Your findings are confirmed. Good catch!

The “Done” button in the Change Nickname UI is dead. It does nothing for me either.

It’s not letting me change it either. Just made an account two days ago with same version of the app. :C

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Nicknames can only contain:
• Numbers
• Letters
• Underscores
• 20 characters or fewer

If you break those rules you get a super unhelpful unclickable “Done” button plus a fun mystery to solve!