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Restarting your router does not require you to enter your password again. The credentials are already saved in each cam’s memory and the memory of every device already on the network, including your phone and the Wyze App.

Cams regularly loose connection and go offline for myriad reasons. Many router brands do not support Wyze cams well and will regularly drop connection. Some users have found better connectivity results by turning off QOS or Smart Connect services in the router and assigning a reserved static IP instead of using DHCP. Others have found that repositioning the cam to get a better signal helps. Still others have found power fluctuation problems in the power supply can cause the cam to go offline.

Thank you very much for the info.

More connection issues

I am still getting sign ins on my wifi by unknown and once again i changed wifi username and password. But my two cameras wont connect to local network the message says. I was on the phone with my isp and the tech support says problem isnt with their equipment and modem is working fine. My internet is fine.
The cameras show as offline. They sometimes work even with a red light or blue. One is worse than the other. How can i fix this?
I need them both working.
Thank you

[Mod Note]: Your topic and replies were merged to your topic of the same nature. You must reset your Wyze devices to your new WiFi credentials everytime you change them.

If you change your wifi name and password, you need to reinstall or resetup your Wyze devices to the new wifi name and password. The Wyze devices don’t know you changed the wifi info and will keep looking for the old wifi until you change them.


I did that ten times in a row. It keeps changing from blue to red and blue flashing.

The kitchen cam is working but has a red light. Switches from red to blue to red over and over again. Both show as offline. As I previously stated neighbours can shut off electricity and instantly drain batteries with a device.
Now both are not working!

Provided that you have taken all the steps to secure your network outlined above, it is very possible that it is one of your own devices logging into your WiFi Network as “Unknown”. There are many devices that you may be using that can produce this signature until such time as you match the IP with the device MAC and rename it in your Router UI. Your phone, for example, may very well be using a randomized MAC to log into your router and show this. Having previously reset the SSID and PW on your network, it is not likely that an outside device is causing this but an inside device that you have brought onto the network.

You have to stop resetting your entire network at the drop of a hat. It causes far too many connectivity issues and is highly disruptive to your devices. There are much better ways to determine the source of the unknown device.

  1. Check your router capabilities. Many routers have a setting within the UI that will automatically block new devices. A device can log in, however it gets no internet access or access to the rest of your network until it is manually approved and unblocked in the router UI.

  2. When you find an unknown device on the network, block it within the router UI. When you find that one of your own devices then no longer works, match the MAC with the device you blocked to identify the device.

  3. After you do reset your network SSID and PW, log devices in one at a time. After each successfully logs in, record the MAC and device description on a Network Map to identify every device you have added. When you have finished with all devices, any new devices can be cross matches against the MAC list.

Your cam is most likely working perfectly. If you have Event Recording enabled, every time you move in from of the. Am and it uploads a video, the light turns red. If nothing is moving in from of the cam and it isn’t uploading an event. It is blue.

The unknown shows up frequently.
There is normally my 2 cell phones, the router, and two Wyze cams. Then a new sign in happens and doesn’t show a Mac address. I keep signing it out thru my Google account devices.
I’m hacked.

Most likely not. Just not managing your network to the full extent of its capabilities.

For now it shows both OFFLINE and connects and disconnects. Internet is OK.
If there is nothing you can do at your end I’ll just have to live with this wonky situation for now.

This sounds like a bad WiFi signal. Time to upgrade to a secure Mesh Network.

There is no “my end”. I am a Wyze User and Customer just like you, just like everyone else here in the forum. Administrators, Moderators, and Mavens are Community Volunteers. We do not work for Wyze. All I can do is to suggest that your network needs managed.

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I see and appreciate your help and the others.

If you want official Wyze support you can always reach out to Wyze Support:

open for chat support between 6:00 am - 6:00 pm PT Monday through Friday, and 8 am - 4pm PT Saturday and Sunday.

Or use the support submission to create an email ticket any time.

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Thanks I do need more help.
Hard as it is to believe my upstairs neighbour has an EMF 5G wifi emitter.
Its illegal. I will be in more contact with the police who are dumbfounded about it. Sigh.
So when i try to reset my 2 Wyze cameras they block me from connecting.
I believe i am connected as the cameras work but both show as OFFLINE and whenever they feel like it the shoot energy at them and make them disconnect but they reconnect when they stop. They are running a hostile campaign against me.
So i have been trying to fix things by changing usernames and passwords.
Now Im reluctant to do that again as they hack into my phones and wifi and even turn off my electric kettle from apt above me. So they see the new password.
Iķf i try again now to set up the Wyse cameras they will block it so its sort of set up but says cannot connect to local network and they are able to disconnect the operation of them.
They dont want me to show evidence but that is exactly why i bought the cameras.
Meanwhile its uncomfortable this way and i wish i could connect and have it showing. However they are known to me to create false error messages such as memory is full on digital cameras although its not just needs to be turned off and on. They actually drain batteries in my EMF Meter were i record videos of the high meter readings.
EMF is electromagnetic energy and they stream it at my dog and I and cause us physical pain and agony. They effect my devices in both electrical and EMF ways.
My ISP checked and all is ok there.
The cameras are still working and recording but show offline and can be disconnected by them. So shows offline on my app but solid blue till they shoot at them with their emitter, then it disconnects and flashes red/blue and no image online.
If there was a way to stop their nasty interference i would love that. Can you?