Hackers upstairs blocked my cameras after i changed my wifi password. Cam plus needs to be reinstatef

Yesterday I changed the password to my wifi so my neighbour who hacks into my electronic equipment used that to block my Wyze cameras. I ended up restarting from scratch to get my cameras connected again and enter my new wifi password. I had Cam Plus on them but now it needs to be reinstated.
Can you please handle this for me and confirm? This was at 4am.
Thank you.
Brenda Billard

When you change your WiFi password all your devices will need to be reconnected. On Wyze cameras you need to hit the setup button to change the WiFi password. As long as you don’t delete the cameras from the app cam plus and all their settings will still apply.

If cam plus is not working, you may need to assign your license to the camera in the account > services tab of the app.

If you have reason to believe your account is being hacked you should enable 2fa and contact security@wyze.com


If you need setting up your Wyze cameras again because you changed your WiFi password, support can help walk you through how to do that. This forum is not Customer Support and nobody here has direct access to help make changes to your account.

The good news is that like ieatbeans explained, you shouldn’t need to change your Cam Plus licenses or anything. All you will really need to do is go through setup again on each camera to enter the new password and the rest of your settings should still be saved.


In addition to changing your WiFi password, be sure you change the Username and Password to get into your router settings. Many times the default Username and Password is “admin / admin” which most hackers will try.


I wrote to the router guys and asked how usernames can be managed. Waiting to hear.

I did reestablish connection. Ill contact the $$ people.

Regardless of your WiFi network or the cams on that network, even if your phone is on LTE\5G Wireless Data, the Accounts tab → Services page within the app will show your Cam Plus subscription and the cams assigned to it.

So long as you didn’t delete the cams from your app, a new setup procedure on each cam providing the new SSID and PW to the Wifi network should bring them all back online and assigned to the same subscription as previously assigned.

The admin access instructions to your router can be found online using the make & model so that you can change the Admin access User\Pass as well as the network SSID\PW. However, if it is an ISP provided router, they may not allow Admin access.

It’s ISP.