Can't change wifi password on cam+ V3

I had to update the wifi password on router - causing the need to update cameras, but it didn’t work.I contacted support and the answer was: You cannot update password in the wyze app :frowning: The workaround was to add a new camera to sort of “force” the change. (I did that and ended up having to choose a new subscription plan for the newly installed camera, because I couldn’t move off the screen to get to next step). I already have a subscription for my previous camera suite – and in checking with Wyze support, they were unable to help with removing the subscription and pointed me back to Apple iTunes (where the purchase was transacted through my iphone) ugh.
I cancelled the Apple subscription but am not sure if the cameras will behave as expected. I may have to cancel when close to my original subscription and redo a whole new plan. double ugh!

Now, I see there are a number of “wishes” already on the list for similar issue for both IOS/Android devices as well…, going back as far as 2019 and, of course, most recently in 2023. Seems to me this is a feature that should be implemented in an update to the app, and I hope that Wyze considers doing this. Please Please Please.

There’s no simple, automated way for the Wyze app to do what you’re asking. It’s primarily because the only way that class of cameras to communicate with the app, is being cut off. By the time you changed WiFi routers (or changed passwords/hotspot names), there’s no way for the app to access the cameras.

As for the subscription mess, call Wyze support. This forum won’t be of help.

Edit: Here’s a possible solution though.

Wyze can include in the new firmware versions, an alternate hotspot/password pair. When this situation happens and after a given waiting period, the camera can try the alternate pair.

Thanks for the feedback. Hopefully at some future point this will be fixed, or as you suggest provide the alternative.

I too want this ability and I have a related problem. The traffic from my 16-cameras, numerous plugs/switches, etc, is killing my Netgear Orbi mesh network (>40-connections) - even with Verizon FIOS Gigabit. I have an older non-mesh router I keep running as a bridge/accesspoint only and want to move some of the Wyze device load to it. I am reorganizing some of my v3 cameras (replaced with v3 Pan Cam) so I am doing a “physical reset/setup” anyway. Eventhough I changed my phones network to this other router, made sure to select this other network during the setup process, after it was done, the “Device Info” network still picked the Orbi network. Did this twice and it always picked the “wrong” network! IMHO, this is a software bug! Anyone from Wyze watching this post/thread?