Change to New Phone

Just got a new iPhone. When I load the app to the new phone, will the cameras on the old phone migrate to the new phone? I am the primary user/owner of the cams. Hoping I don’t need to start from scratch. Thanks!

They will. The least you will see are the thumbnails until you call up a camera on the new phone.


Perfect. Thanks!

Yes, your cameras are accessed using your user ID & password. There is no locally-stored information on the old phone.

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Thanks! Kinda what I thought. Didn’t want to make the changeover without knowing - the cameras are 2,500 miles away!

I guess from your post that you don’t yet realize this. Its not about “your phone”. If you picked up a friend’s (or frienemy’s) phone, Apple or Android and installed the app, and logged in, you would also see your cameras/stuff, without giving up and starting over. Whew, took longer to explain this than it would do to just try it and see for myself.