Change phone number

I recently got a new phone number and phone how do I get the event recording push notifications to stop going to my old phone & phone number and start coming to my new phone and phone number

Welcome to the Wyze community Cameo. :+1: Notifications are not tied to your phone number… they are a product of the Wyze app installed on your device. Install the Wyze app on your new phone, start the app, log in to your Wyze account and the Wyze app will pull your app settings in from the cloud to your new phone, including any notification settings. This is all based on your Wyze account’s email address. You will need to set up notification preferences and permissions for the Wyze app at the Android (or iOS) level on your new phone also. If you no longer wish to receive notifications on your old phone in addition to your new phone, either uninstall the Wyze app from your old phone or change the notification permissions for the Wyze app in the Android settings.

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