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I’m not a highly tech savvy person. Please be kind. We have cam V3 plus. I haven’t turned on notifications on my cell phone yet, because there’s something I’m confused about if I turn it on. “Wyze will be able to read all notifications, including personal information such as contact names and the text of messages you receive.” Why should I allow Wyze to snoop around on my phone, read texts between my family/friends, and get other personal info about me?

WYZE Notifications are not “Text Messages” and they have nothing to do with messaging on you phone/device. If you get a notification of an event from your camera like person, pet, package, or motion if you tap on it the event will open on the WYZE app not your message center.

Do you have an IPhone or an Android?


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I also have Android.

The only Android Permissions my Wyze App has is Files and Media so it can download and save video files, Location so it can use the GPS for installs and Location Geofencing Rules, and the Microphone so that I can use the 2 way audio feature.

There is no need to enable anything else. Because your Wyze App runs in the background, you will get Push Notifications from the Server to your app that will show in the notifications banner on the phone.

Android permissions are an odd thing. They have this warning on any app that asks for notification access to allow push messages, whether or not the app is actually doing that.

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Thank you for the info.


The issue is that the notification permissions aren’t granular, allowing notifications always allows for everything, whether or not the app uses all of the permissions that one toggle can use. I wish they were more granular.

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Thank you.

My notifications are going to my EMAIL account!!:rage: How can i get them via text messages??

The Wyze app does not send push notifications via email or SMS text.

What notifications are you getting, can you send a screenshot?