Got a Wyze SMS with News & Deals... But I never shared my phone number with Wyze

I am concerned…
I got a Wyze SMS yesterday about News & Deals.
However, I have never shared my phone number with Wyze, and even if, I have never consented in receiving marketing material.

So, if the former: how the hell did that phone number get to know that I have Wyze products?
That’s a very concerning security issue here.

And, if the latter that this SMS is indeed legit: how can I trust you to handle my cameras if you can’t even respect my marketing consent? You want me to trust that you will not spy on my cameras when you can’t even respect my decision to not be sent marketing materials?

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Sigh, and yet we can’t get alerts via SMS.

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Are you sure it was an SMS. I also got a notification yesterday on my phone (likely the same thing you received), but it was not an SMS. Appeared to be via the app.

Welcome to the forum! Do you have a screen shot of the message, or the number that it came from? I can do some asking and see the legitimacy of it.

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Same here on my Android phone… it was a Wyze app pop-up. I have my Wyze app Home > Account > Notifications > In-app Notifications > New Products and Deals & News & Updates toggles set to do this.


It was not a notification. It was an SMS message.

I’m not saying yours was either type. I’m saying that mine was an app pop-up. Check your settings to make sure you’re not opted in. If you’re not opted in, we can elevate this.

Wyze app Home > Account > Notifications > Text Notifications


Yes, that is off by default. But since you received one, check it.

Check your app settings, and you installed the app on the phone in question so the telephone number is associated with the app installation.

Set it to off if you don’t want SMS texts


I think you found it out. That makes sense. But I would never expect the app to share my number with Wyze for that purpose. At least for me, that’s not cool.

If it was turned on, then the app would have to share.

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I just checked my iPhone and iPad and both had text messages disabled, However, I definitely received the message via text as I had to delete it from the text app on the iPhone.

Wow, yet another argument in favor of keeping working ancient versions of the app. I did not know Wyze was picking up the phone’s number now. I suppose the app would have asked for permission during installation.

Required Permission:

< uses-permission android:name=“android.permission.READ_PHONE_STATE”/ >

In the permissions manager (Android 11) I have the Wyze app denied phone status & SMS

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I just enabled the text/and option and the first thing it did was ask for my number. It didn’t get it automaticly for this part.


At some point the app would ask for permission, it does not do it on its own

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Just got another one.

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As a test, I have subscribed to and turned off my subscription to these texts. I hopefully will report on the findings, but with only 3-4 possibilities a month I may need a nudge if I don’t see something.

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