Too many SMS shop/sales notifications

I use an android with my wyze cams.

I have "in app notifications " turned off.

Promotional news and updates turned off

And text notifications turned off.

Why do i still receive in app wyze notifications telling me zbout sales and shopping items?

I get one everyday or every other day. I dont want any at all.

When you get the next text message (or go to the last one you received), reply with the word:


and that will cancel the SMS notifications. Once you enroll, I think you can only unenroll by texting back “stop” so do that.

When you first enrolled in the very first text message it tells us it will be limited to up to 5 per month, sharing news, products, deals, and how you can unenroll (text STOP).

For me the recipient code is showing as 71883 so you should be able to send a text to 71883 with the word STOP and that should resolve this for you.

Hope that helps fix this like you wanted. :slight_smile:


Ok thx.

What about the in app notifications.

Do you know what to ro about that? I get in app shop/sales notifications like every ither day as well…but i have it turned off.

In Account → Notifications → In app Notifications, try enabling it. Are either of the two categories “New Products and Deals” or “News and Updates” automatically enabled when you enable In App Notifications?

I have found that my app does not disable either of those two bottom toggles when I toggle off In App Notifications. It just hides them so that when I toggle In App Notifications back on they are also still on.

It may be that these are still registering as ON even though you have disabled In App Notifications.

It’s a long shot, but it might help by toggling them off before turning off the In App Notifications toggle.

Also, in Account → Notifications → Push Notifications, all the way at the bottom below all your devices, is News & Updates toggled on?

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It’s off in account > notifications?

I have it enabled and only get them about once a month.

Ok ive switched those settings on then off. Will see what happens over the next couple days.

Thx for help


Sure! Report back and let us know if it helped. Good Luck! :crossed_fingers:

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