Certificate of Monitoring?

Dear, “Noon light”, my insurance co. Asked for a “Coverage or proof of coverage certificate” .

I downloaded mines n it looked like, I made one up, myself . I hope they (the Ins. co.) will be fine with it

But for me, I’m a lil, embarrassed.

Did I print it up, wrong ?
Am I a bit too, “Pedantic”, about the quality of the certificate.

Glad my course completion yrs ago with the Univ of Michigan, looked much better.

It does not have to be, “suitable for framing”, like UM.
But, it should be better than a 3rd graders work.

Come on Moonlight ?

An Early Adapter for Home Monitoring services

It’s not that bad, I would say it’s on Par for any other certificate I have seen for home monitoring.

Not matching a diploma or professional certificate of completion, but I think it works for it’s needs.