CamPlus & Home Monitoring Certificate

Please provide a “Certificate of Service” that is downloadable for those who sign up for CamPlus or with Home Monitoring. Many people can get a Homeowners Insurance discount, but many policies will require a certificate on Wyze Letterhead outlining the services given (e.g. smoke detector alerts, siren, Person Detection notification, calls to emergency services, etc.) and the length of time for the contract. Thanks. It would ideally be downloadable from the “accounts” page when a service contract is set up.

Great idea @rocker60!
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Yes great idea! My homeowners ins co asked me for a certificate for my Wyze System and there is not one that I can provide to them for a discount on my homeowners ins policy. Please add this to registered users accounts so we can send in. ADT offers this on their website when you log into your account.

There is one available in app if you have HMS.

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