Case for Cam v3

Has anyone found a silicone material (or other) case that fits the v3 for outdoor use? I want something that provides a “brim” over the top lens (even though my cams are under my eaves) and in the color black would be nice.


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No, but just on the off chance you didn’t, you know the V3s are already indoor/outdoor ready?

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Yes. Just want a little added protection and the black would make them less obvious (I would hope).


I’ve ended up cutting a small plastic cup (one of the 2 oz ones I think for taking meds with), cutting a segment out of it, and taping it in place to form a brim over the front of the camera. I’ve noticed without it, I can get residual water drops on the lens after a rain which mess up the picture.


Hello People.
I can’t help you with the silicone case but here is a simple bonnet made of aluminum foil. It could be painted black and fastened with clear tape.

I wanted black cameras so I painted my own.
Here is a link to printing up photo paper masks that you can cut out and use, Place the glossy side against the camera’s face and weight it down with some coins for best results. Several light passes with the spray paint will provide a nice looking coat.

Paint Mask for Easy Black or any other color V3

The next two links show 2D and 3D masks being used and the results of their use.

3D Paint Masks for Easy Black or any other color V3

3D Paint Masks for Easy Black or any other color - 2

Here are some pictures of a black V3 with a bonnet:

Victor Maletic.


Hello, People.

Since I wrote my last reply to you. I have created a 3D print file for a V3 Bonnet. If you know someone with a 3D printer or have one, you may use this linked file to make a bonnet for the V3. There are online sources for 3D printing.

Victor Maletic.


Victor, I just love your contributions here. Unlike some of us (me) who bite at any and all random threads without much forethought, every one of your posts is well considered and brings practical experience and detailed suggestions for handling these cameras. Thanks.


Hello, Customer, @esanger, @pacabill.
This is an update to my post #5 wherein I provide a link to a 3D printer file for a bonnet type of cap for the V3 camera. The bonnet’s intent is to keep raindrops off of the lens. The aluminum foil version will definitely do that but, when I actually operated the camera with the foil bonnet, the left and right corners of the foil encroached into the camera’s upper left and right field of view. No problem with the foil, you would just fold up the two offending foil corners a little and be done with it. Even though it is a small encroachment, I decided to revise the file: V3 Bonnet.stl and call the new file: V3 Bonnet 2.stl.

While I was at it, I made a file called V3 Helmet.stl. This file will print a helmet type cover for the camera. Below are wire models of the Bonnet 2 and the Helmet. You can see the corners are cut back.

Here are the links to the stl files:

V3 Bonnet 2.stl

V3 Helmet.stl

The files show the (if you have viewing or slicer software) in their to-be-printed orientation.

Victor Maletic.


Victor did you by chance notice and hazing at the top of the picture in night mode?

No hazing noticed, cbarth3. Has it been observed in cameras with bonnets?

Since the last post, has anyone been able to find a silicone case for the V3? I like the white but having one or two black would be great and not stand out as much.

If anyone could help, I would greatly appreciate it.

I couldnt find them on Amazon for the V3.


I wouldn’t expect to see much until after the official launch, and even then give it a month or so, those making them have to get the cameras first, then design and make the accessories.
That launch is supposed to be sometime in January, so maybe soon?

Aluminum foil can affect the WIFI signal so was this addressed at any point? Also keep in mind that any kind of shell may impact WIFI to an extent as well so has that been tested at all?

As for finding them on amazon, that likely wont happen until the V3s are more widely available and/or sold on amazon.