Captured Video of My Camera's not connecting

Phone: Pixel 5 on ANdroid 11
Wyze App Version: Beta release 2.17.6

I finally captured what I have been experiencing with the beta version of the app. When I install the production version, I don’t have these issues.

What you will see is me clicking on the V3 camera first, it seemed to connect rather quickly. I then Clicked on my V2 Camera and it could not get by the first step if the logging in process. I then clicked back on the V3 camera, which just worked, and it was stuck on Step 3 getting data. It finally cycled and connected and gave me a message saying network is unstable. Again, this does not happen with the Production version and my WiFi speeds are not an issue and my connection is full signal.

This also happens when I am not on my WiFi.

I guess this is why we are Beta Testers :slight_smile:

Just wanted to share and see if anyone else is experiencing this (Be Patient, it does load. Yhe Wyze Loading animation will go away, unfortunately the video ends when it connects):

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