Capture Video on Motion?

Do I need CAM+ (i.e. pay for a subscription) if I want to record video to a local SD card if my camera detects motion?

I haven’t signed up for any Wyze subscriptions and my cameras will send me a notification if it detects motion but it won’t record anything in ‘Play back video’ and nothing gets recorded on the SD card.

No, you don’t need a subscription for the SD Cards. Go to the camera settings and turn on recording for the SD card either continuously or for motion.


I’ve done that, Settings → Advanced Settings → Record to MicroSD Card → Events Only. Under Event Recording I have Recorded motion events turned on, All motion events. If I select Continuous or Events Only nothing shows up in View Playback.

If I hit Record I can go to Album and see the recording so I’m pretty sure my SD card is good.

If you go to Settings > Advanced Settings > Manage SD Card what does it show for the amount used and total size of your uSD card? Especially if you have recording set to continuous, does the numbers change?

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One more question…which camera model?

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The tags say cam v1-v2, and both supports continuous recording.

This is your local storage, aka SD card storage onboard the camera.

This is your cloud storage recordings. For camplus, camplus lite or the basic thumbnail only.

This is your manual recording. It records the clip which is saved to your phone or device. It is neither cloud nor local storage. It’s is a 3rd type of recording footage. This does not save footage to the onboard SD card of the camera, but saved to your device.

For the v2 or V1 cams, no you do not need a cloud storage license to save to the SD card, those are two seperate functions.

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I don’t know what the deal was but the camera always showed a 242MB SD card no mater what size card I put in.

I ended up taking a 4GB SD card out of another camera (that was working) and putting it in this camera and now it’s happy.

The different SD cards that always showed 242MB in the ‘bad’ camera also work in the other camera.

So the low down is that everything is now working and the world is safe.

Thanks for all the comments.

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