Can't see cams on Corporate WI-FI

For some reason I can’t access my cams while at work. On every other wi-fi network it’s fine. What ports do we need to open to get this to work through our corporate firewall? Thanks!

I am also experiencing this problem…following.

Your corporate firewall may be locked down to allow only certain ports (80 for http web traffice, etc.). No port forwarding at the other end can fix that.

There may not be a way around it depending on how tight the security is.

I’m thinking it’s more something with the authentication. When I’m on the company wifi and try to access the app, it’ll sit at the WyzeCam screen for a long time and then prompts for a password. I can enter the password again and hit login and it waits longer and finally stops and I’m still at the login screen. Normally on my wifi, or cellular, I don’t get any login screen. If I switch back to cellular the app logs in right away. Then I can switch back to the company wifi, go and launch my camera, and and see everything just fine. Little bit odd. Hope this helps someone.

exactly the same for me…any solution wyze guys?

It’s normal.
This is not WyzeCam issue. Most company blocks cams traffic.

Hate to raise a dead thread but this was high in the search so an answer would be nice. Obviously if a firewall is blocking the wyzecam then some ports just need to be opened. Anyone know what ports are needed? My network has outgoing ports blocked except 80 and 443.