Can not view live stream from my company's wifi network

Hi there,

I just bought two wyze cams, set it up at home and working fine. While at my work place, I am trying to see live stream, but not able to view it. The screen stuck at “Connecting camera by secure channel (1/3)”, then error out: “please try to power cycle the camera error code (19)” sometime show error code 60. Can you help in fixing this?

Thanks a lot!


hello, internet access from your office is likely behind a firewall and/or proxy. please see below support url regarding required firewall ports for wyze camera communication. btw does livestream work for you over cellular.

Also see the No Longer Connecting section of the troubleshooting guide below. If this and the above info don’t help, it would be best to file a support ticket.


I cannot change anything on the firewall of my company :(- I do see my work wifi network is secured via 802.1x EAP. Is this not supported?

In the troubleshooting guide, there is no pointer to RouteThis test. Can someone point out the link?

It is very unlikely that your company is going to open ports for you! Likely your only option is to NOT connect to the company WiFi on your phone so it uses cellular data. Note that streaming video uses A LOT of data so unless you have a really unlimited data plan (many unlimited plans are not really unlimited), this may not be a viable option.

I don’t have a data plan. If my work place have wifi, why I need data plane? That’s my thought. The thing is: I bought Lorex camera and I can view live stream by connecting to my work wifi network. The reason I bought Wyzecam is excellent review from amazon and unbeatable price, hopefully I can overcome this…

If anything, it’s likely to go the other way if your employer IT department is worth much. If you are using the corporate network to watch a camera at home, after a while they will notice the usage and very likely specifically block that. The firewalls at the corporate level are likely far more sophisticated then anything used at home and they should have no trouble targetting whatever camera you are watching.

I am not watching live stream continuously, I just spot check once or twice in a 8 hour work day. In other words, I am not abused my work place’s resources :)-

Have you tried installing a VPN Client such as Tunnel Bear,NORD VPN, or Express VPN in order to get through your companies firewall rules?

I am not able to connect to my home WYZE Cameras for live view while at work, but I can see recorded video clips while on the office WIFI network.

By installing a VPN client, I was able to first connect to the VPN, then tunnel through and connect to my home WYZE camera for quick checks of my camera live view.

I don’t leave it running for long periods of time as it is going around my companies security settings and the VPN data plan limits my time.

This works for both my WYZE cameras and my RING Doorbell and allows me to interact with people at my front and back doors while in the office.