Does not Load the live stream on cellular data

I have got 12 cams from Wyze, shipped to Aussie shop mate post office in US then they sent it here to Australia. I never been disappointed with anything like the way I’ve been with these cams, 1 is already not working and keep restarting as soon as it gets to turn the flashing blue color!

and the other major problem is if you dont have WIFI regardless of how fast your phone cellular data is, it would not gonna bring any live stream to your phone. This issue has been raised so many times but not even 1 proper answer or solution. there’s no point to have security cam if you have to use WIFI to see the footage! the recorded footage from cloud loads super fast but with live stream I shoud say good luck.

Someone mentioned firewall, all of the modem and windows firewalls are off, there’s no antivirus there’s no extra usage on wifi that being used for cams but no luck.

Same issue here with 4g/LTE. There are a few threads on this and no real answer except “check your internet speeds” blah blah. My cellular speed is not the issue here.

I have 16 samsung cameras and I check them through app called: iPolis. never had any issue with it to load them via my phone’s cell/data, never!

I routinely watch mine via cellular - works fine.

The most obvious issues are firewall and internet speed (as you already mentioned). One thing to keep in mind is that your ISP may well be firewalling stuff that you have no control of. Oh, and they may well not admit to that or even outright deny it. It could be the ISP that you get service from at home, or it could be your cellular provider. One test you can do to try to tell which is try connecting from a WiFi away from home (for example at work or a friends house). If that works, it’s your cellular provider blocking it. If the remote WiFi test fails, it’s likely your ISP or your own router not handling what is called “Established and Related” connections.


Did you find a solution?
A guy wrote to me and my live cam now works on tmobile lte
Turn of wifi on your phone and restart your phone. It should work on lte after that.

Turn of wifi on your phone and reboot it. It should work after that.