Firewall rules for APP side


Just hooked up my wyzecam v2 and loving it so far. When I’m on a certain wifi network I get a “could not connect to the server” error when launching the app and trying to authenticate my account. If I switch from wifi to cellular it connects straight away.

My question is what do I need to whitelist in the firewall to get it to work on wifi? There is a help article for whitelisting from the camera side, but nothing I can see for the app side.

Any help?

Did you ever find out? The app does not work when I am using the Wi-Fi at my workplace.

Wyze support would benefit from someone who would analyze and identify the camera and App communication and update that information more regularly.

The current link that is 2 months old can be found at:

My firewall and network security systems identify network communication not documented on the Wyze FAQ.

Heads up, link is no longer available.