Can't remotely connect to live stream


I’ve had similar issues. I am running 3 Wyzecams and when at home on the WiFi I can connect at least 95% of the time, there are odd times when it won’t, I’ll go to a different camera and back again and it will work.

When out and off the WiFi using a really solid 4G connection it often takes a long time to connect if at all. Maybe 50% success rate. I’m using a Samasung S9+. My wife is running an iPhone and it is worse for her.

I really want these to be good because I love the product, but this unreliability is a killer."


Look, this is my first post and I am going to be blunt: Wyze, stop screwing around! You’ve given nothing but lip service to an OBVIOUS problem. Take it to another router?


I run 4 other cameras: Xiaomi Yi Home cams. They are virtually the same cam! Their app connects immediately and works with few flaws. I can access anything on the cam remotely and easily. Three weeks ago, I installed the Wyzecam. Everything works great in the house, practically doesn’t work when I leave. This is YOUR server and YOUR problem. Fix it! I like your camera well enough, but when Xiaomi is offering virtually the same things and their stuff works, I can’t recommend Wyze to anyone. Fix it.


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Hello, I am having this same issue. I have two Wyzecam v2 cameras set up at home. I connect using the app version 1.5.82 via a Samsung Galaxy S9+ running Android 8.0.0. While connected to the router at home, the livestream works 100% of the time. While away from home, I have about a 75% sucess rate with live stream. I can almost always get one of the two cameras to work, but often one camera will be down for several hours, then come back online. The behavior doesn’t change whether I am on Wi-Fi or the cell network. Regardless of the cell phone’s connection to the internet, I get a good stream from one of the cameras and no connection to the other. It is not always the same camera that is the problem.

are you using ASUS router ?

Yes! Asus TM-AC1900

try this tip see if it helps.

I’ve had nothing but issues with remote connections since I purchased two pan-cams. Ticket opened with support to no avail.

However, when gathering logs off the SD cards of the two cameras, Windows alerted me that both of them were in need of repair. After repairing both SD cards, I’ve had near zero problems connecting, even in low 3G/4G signal areas.

Also, my one camera that used to be possessed like the child in the Exorcist has stopped randomly spinning its head around. It used to do this at least once per day and was kinda freaking me out.

Now the question is what corrupted them in the first place. If I had to guess, it was probably a firmware bug that was causing them to spontaneously reboot while data was half-written to the SD card.

Same here!

This issue of not being able to connect remotely has been going on since last December and still is. I used to be able to connect remotely and then it stopped. I’ve done all the suggested troubleshooting suggestions from previous posts, so please don’t tell me to do more. It is your device and your servers problem. Fix it. Don’t want to have to stop using this camera. Thanks

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