Can't make Color Bulb pure colors anymore

I used to be able to set the Color Bulb to a pure color, e.g. pure red (FF0000) or pure blue (0000FF) by dragging my finger on the color picker. You know, like the whole point of a color changing bulb is the ability to pick any RGB color desired

Now I can’t do that anymore. It gets kinda red but there’s always a little blue and green in it.

I can still set pure colors using a rule, and it honors it.

However, if I do have it set to a pure color and then increase the brightness (not the color at all) it increases brightness and makes the color whiter. This ruins the darkroom, eye sight, etc. In other words it does not go or the controls and defeats the purpose of a color controlled bulb.

Did Wyze do this on purpose? Any way we can fix it?

What firmware is on the bulbs? Sometimes when I need an update the colors look off, then after the update they turn back to normal.

Device firmware It says it is up to date with no updates available.

The app version is v2.48.0 (379). I don’t see anywhere anything about how the firmware or the app can be updated.

It’s been this way since since at least October, still not fixed, I can get a pure shade of red/blue/green if I use Google assistant, but can’t use the color wheel to pick the pure shade on Android OR IOS

On the same firmware version