Can't get sprinkler schedule to work

I’m really unimpressed with the progress by Wyze. This is 2 years running. How do I go about requesting a replacement unit?

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Good luck with Wyze and getting a replacement. I too waited until the unit was well out of warranty. I clearly explained to Wyze support that the known (well documented) issue started well within my warranty period. They basically said, “sorry, nothing more we can do”. They ended up giving me a $20 gift card, for a future Wyze purchase. That was it. The Rachio 3 is up and running, no issues. I should have just purchased the Rachio a long time ago. But I kept thinking that Wyze would fix this issue.

Power recycling for even a few minutes seems to allow the scheduled proglrams to turn on on scedule. Weird but it works. Any smart plug will work. Now will see if it still work tomorrow