Can't get rid of "wyze SIM" card

After turning on (and then off) the option for VOIP for the video doorbell, I am unable to remove the virtual “wyze SIM card” that got added to my Android device.

Advice from the Wyze online chat was to delete the doorbell from the app. After doing that the “wyze SIM” still remains.

It’s annoying since every time I make a phone call now, the system asks me which SIM I want to use,

  1. The Wyze SIM is annoying for the above reason
  2. Removing and re-adding a video doorbell is somewhat difficult since you need to disassemble the doorbell button to get to the reset button
  3. It will be truely annoying if I have to uninstall the entire app and add everything back again just to get the “wyze SIM” off of my device.

Any advice?

Uninstalling the app will not remove any devices, as those are saved on your account. I don’t have android, but I’m guessing somewhere in your setting app you should be able to remove the SIM

On my Moto Android, I opened the phone App, select Settings>Calls>Calling Accounts. There, I tell it that Wyze cannot make calls (turn it off) and that Mint is my Default calling account for making calls.

Others have used Settings>Apps & Notifications>Advanced>Default Apps

Mint gang :wink:

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Thanks for the suggestions. Unfortunately on my OnpPlus 6T none of those where options that provided a way to deal with the “wyze SIM”. Even in the system settings, it only listed the physical SIM card. I did just do the uninstall/reinstall of the wzye app and it no longer shows the wyze SIM, so at least the uninstall removed it. However, I have yet to re-add the doorbell back into the mix. I guess I’ll find out if just adding it puts the wyze SIM back onto the device.

It should only modify the system settings if you enable the VOIP