Can't get cameras connected first time

I’m trying to get new cameras connected. They won’t connect in the app when it says trying to connect. It just times out everytime. I’ve tried rebooting them. It’s doing the same thing with my existing cams and the new ones. I’ve had 3 pan cams and a fixed cam. They were working till I had my network crash. I’ve got everything back up and running. However I bought a few more new cameras and can’t get any of them to connect. I deleted everything from the app to start over. I’ve tried using a android phone and a apple phone. I’m using att fiber with the 210rg. It had been working with the cameras fine before my crash. It uses a 2.4ghz and 5ghz single ssid for band steering. I’ve tried separating the network id’s to use the 2.4ghz to make sure they connect. I’ve also tried using my nighthawk router as well. Any ideas why the refuse to connect?

Two things I’d ask is for you to tell us more about this network crash and how you resolved it, and how familiar are you with your networking devices?

I assume your connection to the Internet is still intact. You will need that to add the cameras, as the cameras and app need to talk to the Wyze servers to be added to your account.

Obviously you will need to enter the correct network name & password. The password is case sensitive, and you can confirm what you type in is correct by pressing the closed eye at the end of the password field. Your password can’t be entered with a space at the beginning and/or the end. Make sure your network name doesn’t include special characters (such as “ \ { } $ * ”).

Your router must be set for WPA/WPA2 encryption.

You shouldn’t have MAC filtering on during setup, in case the label on the device doesn’t match the real MAC address. This is an unusual setting, so you should know if you engaged it.

If it was only one camera I’d recommend a factory reset. But your problem seems much bigger, like not having a connection to the Internet.

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Local fiber issue caused modem and ont to drop for a day. It’s all back up and running except the cameras. It seems to be something between the app and my network. The app runs for 150 secs trying to connect and times out. The name and password are correct and match. Router is set to wpa/wpa2. With the ssid’s being named different the 2.4 and the 5 are different. I’m connected on my devices to the 2.4 while trying to run the setup. I’ve connected them before without any issues. That’s why I’m confused why they won’t connect and finish setup. The light flashes yellow and then blue/yellow. So everything looks good

Take your sd card out and try.

what is firmware and version of your app