Can't delete cam or reset it

My Cam Pan that I use indoors stopped connecting this morning. I tried to reset the camera via the app’s reset feature but that failed. Then I unplugged the cam for about 20 seconds and that did not help so I pressed the reset button and the chime sounded and it said “Ready to Connect” so I opened the app and tried to delete the cam and all I get is “Deletion Failed”. I have unplugged the camera again and even unplugged, I can’t delete the camera. What can I try next? Thanks.

Don’t delete the camera. Just register as before.

I ended up unplugging the power adapter for a few hours and then doing a total re-installation of the camera. That did the trick and all is well now. It is strange how it would not respond earlier in the day. And why it just stopped being recognized by the app is puzzling as well.

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