Factory reset unable to connect cam.. to android

I was trying to get notifications to work.Uninstalled App and reinstalled.Nothing.unstalled app and unpluged camera nothing.Then tried factory reset…Now I can’t get cam to hook up.Uninstalling app and installing it just come back to last uploaded shot.How the devil can I completely start over…I know I should of waited for the good guys to update the notification thing but thought I would try some stuff I read on here.My Bad…Thanks in advance

When you touch that last ‘uploaded shot’ does it bring you to the camera feed? Is there an error code or anything that shows up? Troubleshooting might go faster through support@wyzecam.com or through or Phone/Chat support than through forum posts. I’m live on our Chat now if you want some assistance!

Sorry been away…Finally got it to show blue lite/connect.I did not “delete device” in app.Was kinda afraid I’d make it worse.Anyway I did and got the new setup"Q" code and all.Seems to be working except for notifications…Thought I would try on IOS(mini ipad).They worked there and when it go to streaming it hooks up much faster…Looks like it’s my Android phone??.