Cam v3 - no longer able to set up

Hi all - grateful for some help!

I have a Wyze Cam v3. It’s been working really well indoors as a baby monitor! We sometimes travel around, which means we have to set up each time to connect at a new location. However yesterday I plugged it in to set up, and nothing much happens! No red light comes on and it no longer says ‘ready to connect’. I do hear a bit of random clicking in the camera and for a brief moment the blue light flashes once… then nothing.

I’ve tried the factory reset, putting in a SD card with different firmware updates and following the instructions to reboot from that… but still just some clicks.

Anybody else faced this issue and can help?!



First step is try a different power source and cable. Especially since you move it around, either of those is suspect.

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Thanks K9CCC… tried several different ones; no effect!